How to Use Pantone Greenery at Home

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Pantone Greenery in Interior Design

2017 Pantone Greenery at Home

What is ‘the PANTONE Colour of the Year’?


Pantone is a symbolic colour selection, a colour snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.

Pantone makes a prediction each year of what colour will trend or take precedence in fashion and design.

“Greenery is a refreshing and revitalizing shade, it is symbolic of new beginnings” reads Pantone’s announcement for their 2017 COLOR OF THE YEAR

As a fan of earthy tones (and neutrals), I’m definitely connecting with this one. This vibrant, striking hue – a bright, almost lime-green, is fresh to work with and I find that it works well when applied in small doses.

Black can be added to create a more deepened emerald shade, another favourite colour of mine.

The name Greenery almost suggest this range, as the colours are so closely tied to the wide variety of greens found in nature’s palette.

This year’s colour has the ability to renew and restore depleted energy, it is not only inviting us all to re-connect with nature, but also with ourselves and our larger purpose.

Here is some pins that will inspire you.

Showing you just how easy it is to incorporate into your everyday life!

Greenery leaf

   Touches of greenery with Black & White

Chequered floor tiles & greenery

Chequered floor tiles and Greenery

 Fresh greenery & wicker

   Stylised Pattern

Naturalistic Patterned Wallpaper

Gold plated finishes & Textured Greenery

The message behind Greenery feels especially relevant, it is a strong symbol for protecting our earth. So, as we create with this alive and fresh colour, let it be a constant reminder what we should be working towards.

Pantone Greenery
Happy 2017!


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