Inspiring Interior Design Summer Trends

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November 21, 2018
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Inspiring Interior Design Summer Trends Colour Palette

Experiment with colours and prints, for an inspiring interior design Summer look with all shades of citrus, perfect for sunny days.

When it comes to inspiring interior design summer trends, the Summer season is the time to move away from rich tones and work some cool, fresh shades into your home’s scheme. Look for blues, fresh vibrant greens and light clear citrus tones. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Plain linens look great when paired with a bold graphic print – perhaps a cushion or throw – to add a splash of personality. A light airy textured throw across the bottom of the bed also helps to create a relaxed and inviting feel.

We’ve seen a real emergence of tactile fabrics for 2019, particularly with soft velvets and tufted cushions, Geometric patterns and abstract designs in bold hues are also prevalent, layered against neutrals. Remember, however, that whether you choose to blend a variety of hues together or experiment with pattern, it’s important to stick to a cool colour palette to create a consistent look.

Hang an artful mirror

Hanging a mirror near natural or artificial light will easily create a sense of openness in your home, even in the smallest of spaces.
Double down on wall space by choosing an eye-catching mirror that’s as artful as it is functional.

Choose storage to be seen

Keeping your home clutter-free doesn’t mean hiding it away.
Instead, use storage as decoration, try stacking bright woven baskets on open shelving.

Bring greenery indoors

Filling your home with fresh indoor plants will not only add a lush touch, it will purify and oxygenate the air too. Grow your indoor greenhouse by mixing colourful pots for plants of all sizes, from small cacti to larger plants like aloe vera. We’re all for faking the look with faux plants, or artificial flowers in a statement vase.

Update your bookshelves – Simplify and restyle your bookshelves by removing the clutter and keeping items that work with a summertime colour palette.

Gentle additions of yellow, in patterned wallpaper, look just as good as a block colour. Choose pretty floral-printed paper to team with soft neutrals for a subtle take on the trend. Alternatively, make that bold statement with a yellow sofa or even a freshly painted yellow fireplace against dove grey walls.

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