Winter has arrived

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January 18, 2017
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Time to get Toasty
April 18, 2018
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Winter bedroom inspiration

Winter Has Arrived – Time to Snuggle Up With A Mug Of Steaming Hot Chocolate & A Good Book!

Brown, the colour of earth, wood, stone, wholesomeness, reliability, elegance, security, healing, home, grounding, foundations, stability, warmth, and honesty, is a natural, neutral colour typically associated with the seasons of fall and winter.

The colour brown, is a warm colour that stimulates the appetite, winter is the perfect time for baking,  perhaps a Plum Tarte Tatin.

Comfort food to cozy up with. Add a block of Dark chocolate to your favorite Chili recipe just before serving.

Shades of brown when combined with green create a palette often used to convey concepts of recycling, earth-friendly or all natural.
Dark brown can be used in place of black and brings warmth to colour palettes.

The colour brown affects the mind and body by creating feelings of wholesomeness, stability, and peace.
Brown provides feelings of organization, history, and connection, as well as cozy feelings of relaxation and warmth.

To lighten up a rich Chocolate accent wall, you could display some Art.

Brown can be fun and light-hearted too!


Brown is a stable & grounded colour that is believed to help you feel like you fit in and belong, a wholesome feeling and a connection with the earth, a walk in the woods is an ideal winter pastime to help you achieve this feeling.

Winter is the perfect time to try a new craft like knitting or crochet, perhaps a nice cozy throw.

Dressing for Winter – Cozy Chocolate Brown Jumper with Grey flannel trousers, Tres Chic!

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