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July 2, 2016
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Dark tones kitchen

How to decorate with dark tones

A crazy week is behind me,  Stacks of empty boxes to prove this and only a few last items to find their perfect space. I’m so blessed with this amazing view (below). How beautiful the colour combination, it really inspires me! So many different tints and tones of blue, and my utmost favourite colour:- grey. The palm tree’s colour really stands out, it has these dry-end leaves in beautiful browns and rustic greys.

 Deep-grey and blue tones are a wonderful combination
that creates a light-hearted, warm and inviting scheme.

Keeping those colours in mind – Here’s a few tips to help you achieve that look.

new view

(Above: Ocean View, Inspiration)


Create a Contemporary Mix by mixing old & new pieces
Shown beautifully above with modern sofa and antique side table. Absolutely love the combination of browns, greys and whites.


Make a statement with contrasts, hard and soft with light and dark, i.e. hard flooring with soft carpets and light stone top on a dark grey island unit.



Layer Up, mix and match with colours and different textures. Here we have hard wooden flooring in dark, toned walls and light furniture items hosting comfy throws, light wire decor, scarves and leather bags. I like the few wooden logs probably making its way to the cozy fireplace.


Embrace light & shade, take note on the amount of natural light filtering in
and how you can enhance it even more.


Introduce soft hues, through textiles, flooring, furniture or colour, this will keep things practical and give a light and uncluttered look. Bed linen is very important, not just the look but also the softness of it.


Create extreme contrast with black & white. Aren’t these cool?
Tiles come in so many creatives shapes and sizes, a small touch that will make a huge impact.


                      Add some detail

Decorating with dark tones creates a calming and inviting atmosphere, almost like my new view.
Never to be taken for granted. 🙂

Have a great week ahead!



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