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March 30, 2016
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May 9, 2016
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Modern bathroom

Space or an illusion of space is really something we can all do with – if you think about it, homes are really squared, filled with squared furniture, fittings and many other square/rectangle forms.
In order to make an environment and space work well and be balanced, and also interesting, round and rounded forms should be included in the flora of the home. I’m thinking round dining tables, round carpets, rounded edged curtains, round chairs but now I would like to talk about BIG round mirrors, adding to the extra space factor!
They can be framed or unframed, bevelled or just plain,
they add a compelling touch and enliven a space as the pics show below:







The next time you go mirror shopping, be daring and look for a round one!
This will create a balanced and unified element to your interior.





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